BOB'S BURGERS (Image Credit: FOX)

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from… Tina Belcher of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

BOB'S BURGERS (Image Credit: FOX)

BOB’S BURGERS (Image Credit: FOX)

A few months ago I decided to watch a wonderful show called Bob’s Burgers. I immediately fell in love with Tina Belcher and her zombie loving, friend fiction, awkward but confident ways. She has not only become my spirit animal, but also my role model. Tina has taught me a great deal of life lessons, so I thought I would pass on some of her advice to all of you who haven’t yet checked out the show (seriously though, go watch it).

Tina 000

 Tina Belcher taught me to be open to all the possibilities and think a little deeper…

Tina 002

And the good investment value of dry erase boards.

Tina 003

I learned from Tina that we all have bad days,

Tina 004

But it’s important to remember to keep loving ourselves regardless.

Tina 005

Tina 006Tina 007

Tina taught me to stick up for my family no matter what.

Tina 008Tina 009

She taught me how to be sassy…

Tina 010

And that it’s okay to not like what someone says, but admire how they say it.

Tina 011

I learned from Tina that’s it’s okay to delegate responsibility…

Tina 013Tina 014

And to be a little demanding when asking others for help.

Tina 012

Tina Belcher taught me some amazing dance moves,

Tina 015

But most importantly, she taught me how to flirt…

Tina 016

Tina 017

And how to kiss…

Tina 018

And that when all else fails… Just lay on the floor.

Tina 019

Thank you, Tina, for all your valuable life lessons.

Tina 020

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