National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day teams up with Save the Children for holiday charity event!

(Image Credit: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Organization)

(Image Credit: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Organization)

Everyone knows someone who has an ugly Christmas sweater. If you don’t know someone, chances are you own one yourself. If you’re still shaking your head and thinking, “No, I don’t really know anyone, and I don’t own one” then let me tell you one good reason you should be buying an ugly Christmas sweater this holiday season: you can help supply hoodies to children’s organizations.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is an organization that prides itself in not only love everything about ugly Christmas sweaters, they wear them anytime of year. So much so, they’ve created a campaign called Make The World Better With A Sweater, and it’s an amazing cause. This organization has made December 12 a national day of tribute to the best ugly Christmas sweaters that this world has ever seen.

Then enter Tipsy Elves. They have teamed up with National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day to do something pretty great: keep homeless and poverty stricken children warm this winter. The proceeds from their ugly Christmas sweater sales and gives a sweater to a child in need through Save the Children. According to Tipsy Elves and Save The Children, there are over 1.5 million children living in poverty or are homeless. Of course, they can’t donate hoodies without your help.

Which means now you have to do a couple of things:

  1. Check out National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Tipsy Elves and Save the Children and learn how you can help aid their mission.
  2. Find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for not just you, but your mom, your brother and your second cousin twice removed.
  3. Stalk the tracking number and anxiously await the arrival of your most favorite item of clothing you own.
  4. Wear said sweater on December 12, and tell everyone about why you decided to proudly wear your ugliest, most fashionable sweater.

There is nothing better than wearing an amazing new outfit you just bought, unless of course you know that outfit helped keep a child warm this winter. But even if you can’t buy a sweater this season, get crafty and do it yourself. A purchase is only part of their mission, but spreading the word can do so much more.

So go forth and buy the ugliest sweater you can find. Wear it proudly, and tell people of your bold mission to not only spread joy in the purest form, but to keep a homeless child incredibly warm.

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