Pentatonix (Image Credit: PTXofficial/Youtube)

5 Reasons you need Pentatonix’s ‘PTX Vol. III’ in your life right now

Pentatonix (Image Credit: PTXofficial/Youtube)

Pentatonix (Image Credit: PTXofficial/Youtube)

Pentaholics rejoice, the EP you’ve been waiting for is here. On Sept. 23, Pentatonix dropped their third EP, PTX Vol. III, and if you haven’t heard about it yet or if you really just aren’t sure if you want to invest in this album (seriously?), we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why you should treat yourself to the best purchase you’ve made in a while.

“On My Way Home.”

This is one of three original songs on the new PTX EP, and it’s a great way to start this list. We could make a 5 reasons you should buy this album for just this song, but for now, we’ll give you three: Scott’s falsetto, the chorus and the killer harmonies. Although harmonies might be a crucial part of any a cappella, at the 2:10 mark there is a break from the beat and you get this raw glimpse into the true vocal talents of PTX. It’s probably one of the best parts of the song, and it’s something PTX should do more often – strictly harmonies and voices, no gimmicks. Oh, and it just so happens to be all of their favorite songs. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

“See Through.”

What do you get when you take EDM and throw in some a cappella? You get “See Through.” This song makes you want to get up and dance, plus you get to hear Mitch do what he does best – hit those gorgeous high notes (slay, Mitch, slay). The first time you hear the chorus, if you don’t feel like at least tapping your toes you aren’t doing this whole PTX experience thing right.


We know Scott is talented, there is no denying it, but apparently he’s really great at picking up other languages and totally killing it. In 2012, we were graced with his Korean in their cover of Psy’s Gagnam Style, and on this EP he takes on “Papaoutai,” where he sings in French. You don’t have to be French to know that he totally sells it, and even if you will never know the words to the song, you can still marvel at Scott’s adorable French accent and wonder if you’ll ever be as talented as him.

And if French isn’t your thing, then perhaps getting the rare treat of hearing Kevin (the beatboxer) play cello alongside of violinist Lindsey Stirling will be. She is a very talented performer, best known for her dubstep violin tracks. This isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated, as PTX joined Lindsey for a cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – oh yeah, it’s pretty fantastic, but that’s an entirely other article.

“Standing By.”

And lastly, we have the hidden gem on this album. This was the final original song, and the last track on the EP, but what makes this a reason to buy the album is you get to have Avi, the group’s talented bass, serenade you. That’s right, Avi gets an entire song as the lead singer and it makes you wonder what he doesn’t get that chance more often. Honestly, if you decide you don’t want the EP, at least download this song. There is something about this song that makes you want to cry the happiest tears and give your loved ones the longest hug – not out of sadness but out of love, compassion and happiness.

It’s $5.99.

Okay look, if those four songs weren’t enough to convince you to buy the EP, perhaps the price will. You can purchase this stellar album (with seven tracks total) for only $5.99. That means instead of buying those extra lives on Candy Crush (or whatever kids today are playing) or that pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, you could give your ears a much needed treat and be serenaded by one of the best mainstream a cappella groups to date. We also recommend listening to this with a cup of hot tea, your most comfortable clothes and no shame – you know, for when you know all the words to the songs and you sing them at the top of your lungs.

You can pick up PTX Vol. III on iTunes or at Target. For more covers, music videos and updates on Pentatonix, you can find them on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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