Her Universe debuts new gifts for fangirls just in time for the holidays!

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

For this fangirl, shopping can be a headache. All I want is a T-shirt declaring my love for all of my favorite nerdy series, but my mother yells I should ask for “real” clothing that doesn’t have comic book logos on the front.

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

Luckily, Her Universe has come to my rescue. Her Universe combines actually fashionable clothing items with the fantasy characters and brands we love. This holiday season, Her Universe released nine new products for Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Marvel, Doctor Who and Star Trek fans.

“We are releasing our holiday products early this year because we have three new holiday dresses perfect for your holiday parties,” Ashley Eckstein, co-founder of Her Universe and voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, said in a press release. “It’s easy to be festive and be geeky at the same time!”

Sounds perfect to me! From cardigans to casual dresses to tanks and jewelry, Her Universe has something for every geeky gal.

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

(Image Credit: Her Universe)

The casual dresses are all adorable, with the bodices bearing Darth Vader and Storm Trooper faces, the TARDIS and Daleks or Captain America’s mask and shield. Super cute and fashionable, with just a hint of nerd!

The cardigans are especially creative with their embellishments that could go unnoticed by non-fans, but will be fun for fangirls.

Personally, I love the Star Wars cardigan that mixes the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance logos and the red outline on the Doctor Who Union Jack cardigan.

Check out all these designs and more on Her Universe!


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