5 Ways to Combat Under Eye Circles

(Image Credit: Alexey Mhoyan)

(Image Credit: Alexey Mhoyan)

As much as we may try to avoid them, under eye circles happen to everyone at some point. Unsightly, dark marks aren’t typically the most flattering feature, and the “you look tired” comment isn’t normally a favorite either. However, there are ways to avoid (or at least cover up) your dark circles and trick everyone into thinking that you’ve had a full night’s worth of beauty rest.

Get more sleep.

The most obvious way to prevent under eye circles is to get a sufficient night of sleep. When you’re tired, it shows. Schoolwork or stress keeping you up? Try to prioritize and get your work done in a timely manner rather than putting it off until late at night. To de-stress, try turning off electronics an hour or two before going to bed and pick up a book or magazine to keep your mind busy instead.

Stay hydrated.

When you don’t consume enough water, your skin becomes dehydrated. This causes it to look dull, dry, and also is a main cause of dark circles. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day, and avoid drinking excessive caffeine or alcohol, as they both lead to dehydration.

Invest in a good eye cream.

If staying hydrated isn’t cutting it, it might be worth purchasing an under eye cream. This will help plump up the skin to avoid this area from looking too sunken in. As an added bonus, look for a cream with an SPF to further protect the skin from unnecessary sun damage.

Use a cold compress.

If you’re having facial puffiness, this tends to accentuate dark circles. To bring down any swelling, try using a cold compress of some sort. If time is of the essence, splash cold water on your face for a similar effect. This should get rid of any noticeable puffiness.


On days that nothing else seems to be working for you, under eye concealer is your friend. To fight dark circles, use a peach-toned concealer to counteract the blue tones in your skin. For added brightness, top this off with a highlighting concealer. Look for something a few shades lighter than your own skin tone, preferably with a slight yellow undertone for the best results.

Even after the most sleepless nights, there are ways to make your tired eyes appear more awake. Try out these solutions to cover up your dark circles and hopefully get rid of them for good!

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