The 15 Best Things About Living Alone

30 ROCK (Image Credit: NBC)

30 ROCK (Image Credit: NBC)

Making the move to a place of your own? Living alone can be daunting at first, but after the move-in, while it sucks to pay the utility bills on your own, the upsides of having your own place can make it the best time of your life. For all those who are thinking of moving out and for those who already have, here are our top 15 things about living alone!

1. Nobody is there to judge your weird late night cravings…

Living Alone 001Living Alone 002

2. Or your days spent in a Snuggie…

Living Alone 005

 3. Or your nights spent binge-watching Netflix.

Living Alone 007

4. You don’t need to fight for your own personal space.

Living Alone 015

5. You can release your inner Beyoncé.

Living Alone 008

6. Yeah, you’ll inevitably run into small issues fixing stuff by yourself…


7. …But does that outweigh the fact that you can now use the washroom with the door open?



8. You can do anything you want.

Living Alone 009


Living Alone 012

10. Or nothing at all.

Living Alone 011

11. No need to even share your food…

Living Alone 003

12. And no drama.


 13. No waiting for the bathroom in the mornings.

Living Alone 010

14. The best thing? You don’t have to wear pants…

Living Alone 004

15. Or any clothes for that matter.

Living Alone 006

Needless to say, living alone is pretty darn awesome.


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