ZNATION (Image Credit: Syfy)

Craig Engler hints at what to expect in ‘Z Nation’ Season 2!

ZNATION (Image Credit: Syfy)

Z NATION (Image Credit: Syfy)

You’ve probably have been asked this question at some point in your life: What would you do if you were in a zombie apocalypse? Over the years, the talk of zombies has been popping up almost everywhere. There are zombie-themed marathons, movies and of course, television shows. Now, I know you’re probably thinking I’m about to talk about The Walking Dead. No, no, no. I’m here to talk about SyFy’s show Z Nation.

Z Nation differentiates itself completely from TWD. Unlike the AMC series, Z Nation brings us three years after the apocalypse already started. We watch how a group of individuals come together and deals with the apocalypse while at the same time trying to save humanity as they travel across America with the only existing cure. Although it deals with some epic death scenes and unique plots, the show throws in some great humor that we don’t really see when people are fighting for their lives.

The Daily Quirk had the chance to speak with the creator, Craig Engler, and some of the main cast of the show including Kellita Smith, the leader of the group; Keith Allan, the only known survivor after taking on some zombie bites; Pisay Pao, a runaway who had a creepy past; and Nat Zang, the youngest member of the group who aims to kill 10,000 zombies.

The season finale recently premiered and trust me, it was a truly epic. I was screaming, “What?!” about half of the episode. Even Engler said, “The finale is awesome. It’ll go in a direction that no one was anticipating. I think one of the hallmarks of Z Nation is that, you know, people [are] constantly telling us, ‘Oh, I wasn’t expecting that’ and I think you’re going to say, ‘Oh, I wasn’t expecting that’ times ten when you see the finale.” At that point, Allen chimes in saying, “Murphy has reached his boiling point in this episode.”

It’s true. Last night’s episode was the very first time we witness Murphy go on the deep end. It was bound to happen. He’s been keeping secrets about himself from the team throughout the whole season and he finally released all his bottled up anger in a true Murphy way: He abandoned everyone in the middle of oncoming danger. I’m just curious to see where he’s going to now… PLUS, (Spoiler Alert!) can I just add how happy I am Murphy turned Cassandra into something like him? She was so badass in that fight scene!

It will be sad to see these group of heroes go for awhile but Engler gives us hope for next season. Both Engler and co-creator Karl Schaefer have already had conversations about the new season. He mentioned, “I think what we’re doing is continuing what we’re doing but like times five. [We’ll] see what different kinds of zombies that we can see in our apocalypse. See some crazy character storylines and some deep storylines.”

As we patiently wait for season two to come our way, the cast is hopeful for their characters. When asked what they would like to see happen to their characters, each actor had interesting answers. Ketih would love to see flashbacks of Murphy’s life pre-apocalypse to see his back story and what he had lost during it. He goes on to say, “It’s really telling about what makes their characters where they are today when they found out what they suffered and lost. I don’t think he started off being an asshole. I think it’s an acquired set of circumstances and I think it’s fascinating for myself and the audience to find out where was this guy before it went to hell.”

As for Pao, she’d love to see a more in-depth flashback on Cassandra’s life. (You know, before she was taken in by the cannibalism group?) Smith hopes she gets a new outfit but other than that, she’d love to “continue to have the balance of the leadership and the sensitivity and allow [her] femininity to kind of breathe a little bit more with the rest of [their] journey.” As for Zang, he’s just looking forward to see where there story goes from wherever they leave off after tonight’s finale!

In a show where you have to watch your back every second of the day, you’re honestly always on the edge of your seat when you don’t know if your favorite character will leave the show or not. So, when asked how they would want their character to depart the show, their responses were pretty intriguing. Zang would love 10K to be killed by the 10,000 zombie he was set on killing. Pao would want Zang’s character, 10K, to give her mercy. Allen would want an epic battle to ensue where his character could finally be a badass.

For fans of the show, Engler had some parting words to share with all you. He said, “We are so super thankful to the fans who have embraced the show, talked about the show, told their friends about the show. You know, we had our highest 18-49 rating which is the key rating for us. It’s amazing, amazing to have this great high note three-quarters of the way through the season when often times shows are, you know, not necessarily doing poorly, but often times see a dip in that area. So, we are tremendously thankful to the fans out there for watching the show, for supporting the show, and for telling other people to check out the show. They have just been fantastic.”

Well, speaking for all the Z Nation fans out there, we want to thank you, Engler, for putting together a fantastic show to begin with that we can share with our friends and family. Z Nation comes back in 2015 only on SyFy.

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One thought on “Craig Engler hints at what to expect in ‘Z Nation’ Season 2!

  1. JAC says:

    I am having Z Nation withdrawals. I hope we still have our same characters in Season 2. I hope Citizen Z isn’t wiped out. I loved that they had a “command post” that was so cool. It just helps to support the series and if it is wiped out, I think the series would lose so much. All of these characters are my favorites. I really didn’t like Addy and Mac too much, so their absence doesn’t bother me. If any of the others are wiped out, I will be crushed. I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix and though initially I was a Walking Dead fan, I think Z Nation is wayyyyyy better. I loved it.

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