9 Stylish Purses Under $100 by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

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As I have said before – it is possible for bags to look more expensive than they actually are. I challenge myself often to find expensive bags at an inexpensive price. It’s rather fun! When searching for a purse or bag like the ones above I stick to a certain set of rules. 


I stick to stark neutrals or dark jewel tones. Not only are these colors perfect for fall, but they are more sophisticated. Hot pink and orange are great handbag colors, but can look inexpensive and tacky. Be careful!


I’m clearly a huge fan of a structured bag. My friend used to ask me what “lunchbox” I was using on the daily. Not every bag that looks expensive is structured, but I suggest that you stick to a certain shape. Something that has too much fabric can appear too slouchy and therefore, unprofessional.


Are a don’t. Don’t get me wrong – I love a bow, stud and feather. They’re so fun! But, when in a professional environment or special event, those embellishments can come off as inappropriate. A smooth leather is in your best interest.

The aforementioned bags are appropriate, professional and affordable. What are you waiting for? They’re a total steal!


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