Paul Rudd is an unlikely hero in Marvel’s first trailer for ‘Ant-Man’

ANT-MAN (Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

ANT-MAN (Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Once again, Marvel Entertainment decided to make the entire world freak out by releasing the first trailer for one of its latest adaptations. This time, however, the film is not the fourth or fifth installment looking at the individual members of The Avengers. Instead, its latest release is about a fairly lesser known hero: Ant-Man.

This adaptation has been in the works for a while and will conclude the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe plan. Even though it has been on my radar for quite some time, I still know absolutely nothing about Ant-Man as a character. The name certainly isn’t very appealing, and I’m incredibly skeptical as to how shrinking down to the size of an ant can be captivating for an entire two-hour film. The only thing I know is that Paul Rudd is playing him, and I love Paul Rudd. But just like the folks at Saturday Night Live said, Marvel can’t fail. I would definitely see Fancy Ghosts, Some Shopping Carts and Pam.

Everything I know about Ant-Man, I’ve learned from the trailer, so let’s break it down moment by moment.


The trailer begins with Michael Douglas’ narration. I wish it was Morgan Freeman, but Douglas isn’t too shabby.

The first shot of our leading man, Paul Rudd, shows he’s disheartened and is wearing a black ski hat, so naturally he’s a thug and on the wrong side of the tracks. Douglas’ narration will lift him from the abyss of that wayward life into the gloriousness that is being a superhero.

Douglas’ narration continues to droll on as more and more slow motion fading shots take over my screen. This worked for The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, but not so much for Ant-Man right now.


Rudd’s character Scott has a daughter, who is super cute and laying in bed, which leads me to believe she is sick or maybe it’s just her bedtime.

Douglas’ character illuminates a lab to a bewildered Rudd. I’m assuming Douglas’ character will be a mentor to Rudd. I’m not exactly warmed by that notion considering the last few times Douglas played a mentor — Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past — things didn’t turn out well for the mentee.

Corey Stoll is a stereotypical visual of our bad guy. He wears a suit, a smug expression and pounds on the glass because greed, power and corporation have finally gotten to him.

Evangeline Lily is almost unrecognizable in her brunette Sia hairstyle. She has also been given about 0.5 seconds of screen time. Ant_Man_Evangeline_Lily

The first thing Rudd says is “Huh” after Douglas’ call to action. It’s very Rudd-esque, but it makes little to no impact in this trailer.

OK, so Ant-Man really does shrink down to the size of an ant. I thought there would be a little more than that but, eh, what else can you ask for with a name like that? Oh wait, he rides the ants like little planes! At first, I laughed at this ridiculousness, but now I’m just sad that this is what I will be watching in a few months. His ride on the ant is the last big visual we get, and it’s not very exciting. Ant_Man_suit

The Ant-Man suit isn’t very appealing. It seems more like a stylish, fancy, red hazmat suit.

But hello! There’s a shot of a shirtless Paul Rudd and no one is complaining now!


Cue the montage of quick cuts of chaos, fights and guns set to a rising orchestral beat! Then Paul Rudd says, “One question, is it too late to change the name?” aka what everyone is thinking. It’s a necessary joke but not a very punchy one that will be memorable after a few days.


At the end of this trailer, I still have a minimal understanding of Ant-Man, so I turned to the Marvel Wiki to fill in the blanks. Douglas’ character is Hank Pym, the original creator of the technology for the Ant-Man persona. Rudd is Scott Lang, a thief who eventually becomes Ant-Man under Pym’s guidance. Evangeline Lily plays Hope Van Dyne, who is Pym’s daughter and — in the comic book world — the Red Queen, however it’s unclear how far they will delve into her story in this film. Corey Stoll plays Darren Cross who takes over Pym’s company and technology to become the villain known as Yellowjacket.


With that context, I’m definitely more excited. However, I must say this was not one of Marvel’s best trailers. For a character that is so unknown, they need a little more than a generic call-to-action narration over random clips. Despite its flaws, I love Paul Rudd and am interested to see how this film will turn out. It seems to be Marvel’s biggest gamble, but given the company’s reputation, I’m not too worried.

Ant-Man premieres July 17, 2015.


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