What We’re Loving Right Now: Chilly Jilly

Chilly Jilly (Image Credit: www.chillyjilly.com)

Chilly Jilly (Image Credit: http://www.chillyjilly.com)

I don’t like the cold. In fact, the only reason I tolerate a chill in the air is if it means white stuff is falling from the sky and even then it’s hard for me to really want to go out to enjoy the weather. That is, unless I have something to keep me warm, but it can’t just be any old thing. No, it needs to be stylish, versatile and of course in a cute color.

If you’re like me- desperate for an adorable addition to your wintertime fashion (and often a few degrees colder than everyone else), let me introduce you to the Chilly Jilly. A way to keep warm that’s stored in a little silk bag you can stow away in your purse for an unexpected chill. When the need arises, you can open the little silk parcel and out comes an extremely comfortable wrap. Not only cute as a wrap, the garment can be worn multiple ways, like a scarf and sarong. And the Chilly Jilly is available in many stylish shades (like Burnt Orange, Cranberry Moonlight Jade or Sheer Lilac), which means that there’s a very good chance you could find a color for any occasion.

The Chilly Jilly also come in four styles: The Wrap, The Oversized Wrap, The Jilly Jacket and The Wrapper Blanket. Can’t decide which one is your favorite? Why choose? Just get one of each, and see what the Chilly Jilly can do for your wardrobe and those unavoidable chills this winter.

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