Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from… Nora Ephron Movies

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

Everyone has that one activity that calms them, that one activity that may seem boring or simple to others, but to them, it is their happy place. My happy place has always been watching a Nora Ephron movie. There is this magical and enchanting element in all of her movies, and I think that’s a testament to how important they are to our society. They can teach us so much about life.

Being passionate is good thing.

Whatever your passion is, hold onto it. Kathleen Kelly loved books and Shop Around the Corner with every fiber of her being. Passion and drive are what make us who we are. We can’t let that go.

Nora 02

Everyone deserves someone who will stand in front of them and tell them all of the reasons they love them and why they want to marry them.

 Even if some of the stuff Harry is spewing out isn’t that great (i.e. “I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich,”) he truly means everything he is saying. Sure, after his big speech Sally says she “really hates him,” but we all know she doesn’t. And we all know that if someone ever did that for us it would be the cutest thing ever.

Nora 05

If you have an awesome hobby don’t hide it, blog about it.

Julie had such a love of food, she needed to share that love with the world, much like Julia Child did. The perfect way for her to do that would be to start a blog. Why keep your favorite activity to yourself? Blog about it and share it with others who share similar interests.

Nora 03

There is no better place than the Empire State Building to meet someone for the first time.

Meeting new people is terrifying. Why not spring for somewhere fantastic for a first date, like one of the most famous buildings in the world? Tom Hanks’ son might have been a bit crazy running away and taking a plane by himself, but he sure knew what he was doing when he picked the Empire State Building for his dad and Meg Ryan’s first encounter.

Nora 04

Always get things exactly the way you want them.

Why settle? Life is short. If you want something, ask for it. Speak up and say what you want. If they don’t give it to you, you have to take control and get it for yourself. In Sally’s case she wanted it her way, which meant a whole lot of stuff on the side.

Nora 01

You should totally drive from Chicago to New York with a complete stranger.

Sure, it’s a bit scary being they could be a murderer or psycho, but they could also be the person you’re meant to fall in love with.

Nora 07

That one day you will find that person who will make sure you won’t have to “be out there again.”

Although they weren’t the stars of the movie, Jess and Marie share one of the sweetest moments in movie history. I’ve always adored the scene where Marie turns to Jess and says, “Tell me I’ll never have to be out there again.” And Jess replies, “You will never have to be out there again.” I think it’s pretty incredible that they found each other and instantly knew they were meant to be. If that scene says anything, it’s that everyone has someone that is just plain perfect for them. And once they meet them, they will never have to be out there again.

Nora 06

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