An Exclusive Interview with Singer and Actress Hayley Kiyoko!

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko has played some memorable roles especially on Disney. We’ve seen her play the bad girl Stevie on Wizards of Waverly Place to Stella on Lemonade Mouth and now, she’s graduated to bigger roles on screen. BUT! Did you know she’s a singer-songwriter in real life? True story. She’s a rising star and with a brand new EP coming out early next year, we think it’s about time you get familiar with her.

The Daily Quirk had the opportunity to ask Kiyoko a few questions about her latest single, the recording process for her EP and the awesome new role she’s portraying!

The Daily Quirk: You recently released the music video for your single, “This Side of Paradise” which was beautifully done. How did you come up with the concept?

Hayley Kiyoko: The song itself is about needing to escape reality to live in your fantasy, your paradise. My director RJ Sanchez helped me bring to life a music video that takes you somewhere else. The windows and doors were symbolic of the barrier between the two worlds.

TDQ: Your recording process for your whole EP was a pretty unique one, to say the least, but it’s awesome. What do you think was the most difficult part about the process other than having no budget for the album? What’s your favorite song that you and your producer put together?

HK: Honestly the most difficult process of the whole EP was finding the right drum sounds. We spent hours going through the right kicks and snares and ended up creating our own samples. I hit a block of wood as our ‘snare’ and dribbled a basketball for the unique warped kick drum in most of the songs. It’s tough to pick a favorite song because the process was so unique for each record, they all have a huge backstory within the creation of them. At first you release an EP to share your personal thoughts and stories but then the EP ends up becoming a personal compilation of the memories you created bringing each record to life.

TDQ: After all your hard work in your parents’ garage, how proud are you of this new EP?

HK: My journey and goal with music has always been about trying to achieve a sound that translates my personality and aura into something audio. I can confidently say that I finally achieved that with this EP and found my true sound. I love this EP so much. It’s become one of my best friends.

TDQ: Since your EP drops in February, what can you tease for our readers?

HK: That every record on the EP gives you something fresh and new to feed your ears with.

TDQ: Not only are you a musician but you’re an actress as well! Stepping away from your renowned characters Stevie, Stella or Gabi, you play a new character in Jem and the Holograms. I’m sure a lot of ‘80s babies are super excited for that. How was it playing a character in a cartoon that had a huge following? Did you feel a lot of pressure on your shoulders? The cartoon ran before you were born! Did you have to do some major research to get into your character?

HK: I had a blast playing Aja and especially loved dying my hair blue!!! The film is inspired by the cartoon but definitely has its own life so there was freedom to tell your own story. It’s going to be a visually appetizing film to say the least.

TDQ: With 2014 almost wrapping up, what else can your Kiyokians expect to see (or hear) from you in 2015? I’m crossing my fingers you finally collaborate with Sia.

HK: Well I just announced my ‘This Side of Paradise’ EP release tour in February so I will be doing some dates on the east and west coasts! Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon so come on down and say hi!! Haha and yeah me too!

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Hayley Kiyoko for taking the time to chat! To find out more about Kiyoko, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Also, see when she’s coming to a city near you on her official website. Look out for her in 2015, it’s going to be a good year for her.

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