Would You… Try Dry Conditioner?

(Image Credit: Igor Shmel)

(Image Credit: Igor Shmel)

We have seen an explosion in hair product popularity within the past year. First there was the new wave of love for dry shampoo. The concept makes total sense: a dry powder in a portable tube or can that absorbs oil and helps extend the beauty of your hair between washes. Those who were unaware of the magic of dry shampoo now were in awe, and we were able to go days without looking like a mess.

Now to follow up dry shampoo we have dry conditioner. It makes sense that we would need a conditioner to go with a shampoo, right? The thing is, you need to be careful with dry conditioner. It can turn your hair from a slight mess to complete disaster if you are not careful.

Don’t get me wrong, dry conditioner is a good product, but when not used correctly, it will make matters worse instead of better. The important thing to know when using dry conditioner is to not use it with any other products. If you use it before or after hairspray, glossing spray, volumizer or any other hair product, your hair will be overloaded with product and may look oily, messy or dirty. You might be able to get away with using other products if you have thick or curly hair, but those of you who have fine or thin hair (like me) will find that using it with anything else will overwhelm hair.

Hair that begins to feel dry and brittle or that looses shine a day or two after washing can really benefit from dry conditioner. While dry shampoo is meant to soak up extra oil on your roots and crown, dry conditioner is meant to give your hair and ends shine, moisture and smoothness. Dry conditioner is especially helpful for those who may use a lot of heat styling — it helps hair look healthier and less fried.

If your roots are looking oily, feel free to use dry shampoo along with dry conditioner. Spray the dry conditioner midway down hair towards the ends and brush through. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdue it or you will end up with hair that is oily and weighed down. I find that I can only use it one time between washes, but you may find you can use it multiple times depending on your hair type and texture.

Overall, I like dry conditioner and would recommend adding it to your hair products. I wouldn’t call it a must-have product, but it can definitely help revive dull, dry hair between washes. I often use it the day after curling my hair to add back some shine and smoothness. Most land under $15, so you can take a chance and buy a bottle to give it a try without feeling guilty.

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