Pucker Up: Products and Tricks for Pouty Lips

(Image Credit: Soup Studio)

(Image Credit: Soup Studio)

There is no denying big and sexy lips are in. Take a look on the red on carpet and you will find celebrity bombshells smiling or “duckfacing” their perfectly pouty lips. Of course, not all perfectly shaped lips are attributed to make-up, there are the reported occasional trips to the med-spa, but given I handle pain like a newborn and lack the bank account of Kylie Jenner, I stalk the shelves for pouty lip “fakers.” What follows are some products and tricks to keep your lips noticeably lustrous.

Exfoliate – Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is a primary tool in faking pouty lips. Although the product itself does not give off the illusion of bigger, sexier lips, it does stimulate the cells in your lips that promote growth. Meaning, yes, this product can actually help your lips naturally appear suppler. I like this exfoliate better than many others I have tried because it’s made with brown sugar and immediately makes your lips feel and look smoother. The smell is also delicious which is always a plus.

Plump – Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme is worthy of its name. You will look and feel like you’ve had lip injections after just one use. I’m not kidding.  When I first tried this lip plumper, I was a little weary, mostly because I’ve never seen serious results after using any previous product. The day I tried Lip Injection Extreme was the day I began believing in a make-up god. Not only will your lips look significantly plumper after one use, over time the product plumps your lips…wait for it…permanently.

Moisturize – Using lip plumpers can dry out your lips over time. And although pouty lips are sexy, there is nothing cute about dry, cracking lips. The key to smooth and pouty lips is to keep your lips moisturized. My go to these days is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry or Sugar Rose. A variety of tinted and non-tinted lip balms are available, and I promise no matter which shade you choose, your lips will thank you.

Line – This can be tricky, because, let’s face it, lip liner done wrong can make you look really, really bad. My suggestion: visit a make-up artist you trust. Preferably someone you’ve been to before or at a make-up line you’re comfortable using. Because naturally everyone has different shades of lip color, finding the right lip liner depends entirely on the shade of your lips. Once you’ve found the right shade of lip liner, line the outside of the lips lightly and use a color similar to the liner to shade in the lips. This is a little trick celebrities even turn to when trying to fake a pouty lip.

Pucker up, ladies. No needles, med-spa, hole in your pocket needed to fake pouty and sexy lips.

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