Cast Catch-Up: ‘LOST’

LOST (Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

LOST (Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

It’s safe to say that number sequence is going to be stuck in the heads of Lost fans until the end of time. The show may have ended almost five years ago, but the impact of this infinitely frustrating sci-fi series lives on. The only question is, what are the cast members up to today?

Matthew Fox, a.k.a. “Jack”

Fox hasn’t appeared in much since the conclusion of Lost. He played a serial killer in the abysmal 2012 reboot of Alex Cross. The film was slammed by critics, but had less to do with Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox’s acting than Rob Cohen’s unbearably terrible directing. In 2012 Fox also co-starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones in Emperor, a lackluster World War II piece with dull direction and a terrible script. It seems Fox’s trouble is that he continues to sign on with inexperienced or notoriously bad directors. If he hasn’t already, Fox needs to fire his agent, because his talents are far beyond the tripe he’s appeared in recently. He will appear in upcoming western Bone Tomahawk alongside Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins. Let’s hope this is a change of direction for Fox’s career.

Evangeline Lilly, a.k.a. “Kate”

I absolutely love Evangeline Lilly, and I’m thrilled that she is finally getting the roles she deserves. In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, she delivered a performance that made me love a character that doesn’t exist in the Tolkein canon. Although The Hobbit is perfectly wonderful without any romance, Tauriel and Kili’s love story was compelling and well executed. Lilly is also set to star in this year’s Ant-Man alongside Paul Rudd. In portraying her character, Hope van Dyne, Lilly looks like she will also be portraying the superhero Wasp, even though it will not strictly follow Marvel canon. I’m excited to see her in Ant-Man, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Josh Holloway, a.k.a. “Sawyer”

Josh Holloway was one of my favorite actors on Lost, but he has had a difficult time following up his role as Sawyer. He starred in Intelligence on CBS, but the network cancelled the series after just one season. He also appeared in Sabotage, a film that featured excellent performances, but was difficult to enjoy with its hyper-violent, gruesome action scenes. Holloway also had a leading role in the deeply embarrassing dance film Battle of the Year. It’s okay, Josh. We don’t have to talk about that one.

Daniel Dae Kim, a.k.a. “Jin”

Daniel Dae Kim’s career was already taking off just before the start of Lost with roles on 24, ER and Star Trek: Enterprise, but his appearance on the show certainly solidified his success. Actually, 2004 was a great year for Kim — he had roles in Spiderman 2 and Crash in addition to Lost premiering on ABC. Since the conclusion of the show, Kim has provided the voice for Hiroshi Sato on The Legend of Korra. He also lent his voice talents to Oscar-nominated animated feature The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a film from Studio Ghibli, the same production company that gave us masterpieces like Ponyo and Spirited Away. He also stars on Hawaii Five-0, where you can often catch some of his Lost co-stars making appearances. Kim’s next big project is this year’s Insurgent, where he will play Candor leader Jack Kang.

Elizabeth Mitchell, a.k.a. “Juliet”

Once Upon a Time is another excellent show for anyone who wants to see more Lost veterans on television. Jorge Garcia, Emilie de Ravin and Alan Dale have all appeared on this fantasy series where Elizabeth Mitchell appeared as the Snow Queen. Mitchell also starred in the post-apocalyptic show Revolution until it was cancelled by NBC. She’s had a run of bad luck with cancellations, as her starring role on V was cut short when ABC cut the series after two seasons. Hopefully she’ll nab another long-term series sometime soon.

I know there are several amazing actors left off this list, but we all know where stars like Maggie Grace and Michelle Rodriguez are now. I could go on for days about what television shows and films the rest of the Lost alums can be seen in but unfortunately, it’s about time for me to go push a button.


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