Why you should check out Showtime’s ‘The Affair’!

THE AFFAIR (Image Credit: Showtime)

THE AFFAIR (Image Credit: Showtime)

Let me preface this all by saying I’ve had a longstanding love affair with Joshua Jackson since his days as Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks movie franchise. With that, any time he’s made a movie or appeared on a TV show, I’ve at least given it a chance. And sometimes have become obsessed (Dawson’s Creek, I’m looking at you. Team Pacey forever and ever and ever) or just mildly fascinated (Fringe, what a weird show, but a good one).

So when I heard Mr. Jackson would be on a new TV show this year I knew I had to give a try. And I’m quite glad I did. I admit, I watched the first half of the pilot of The Affair and was confused. And *spoiler* Joshua Jackson didn’t appear until 30 minutes in and was in a very compromising position. So I was mildly turned off. And I literally turned the show off.

After some convincing by other fans, I eventually decided to finish the episode a few days later. And I’m so glad I did, since I’m now fully captivated and fascinated by this show. To be brief, the premise of the show is about two married characters, Noah (Dominic West) and Allison (Ruth Wilson), and their (you guessed it) affair over one summer.

But why do I think you should be watching? Well, for one, every episode is split into two parts. One part as told/remembered by Noah, and the other by Allison. Sometimes the storylines overlap, sometimes they don’t. Each character remembers the same day differently. Some events are the same, but perhaps the way one character looked at the other or even what they were wearing could greatly differ from how the other character remembered it. And it’s so interesting to see them back-to-back.

Secondly, although the summer of the affair is the main focus of the show, it’s all happening in the past. The present storyline is more of a whodunit. Both Noah and Allison are recounting their affair to a police officer because someone (I won’t spoil it and say who) has died (and perhaps was even murdered). Small hints are dropped through their interviews and their present lives, but it’s such an interesting mystery that you just want to keep going and know what’s happening.

Third, Joshua Jackson. He plays Allison’s husband and although his role is not nearly as prominent as I had wished, it’s still worthwhile to watch the show for him. Seriously, did I mention Team Pacey? Because that’s never changing.

Also, the show just surprised everyone recently by winning two major Golden Globes (Best Drama and Best Actress). So clearly, it’s not just me telling you to watch this show — it’s also the recommendation of The Hollywood Foreign Press.

The season ended resolving a few questions, but also leaving you wanting to know so much more. So bravo, Showtime, for giving me a new show to ponder in the off season and anxiously wait for its return.

You can catch up on Season One of The Affair via Showtime Anytime. Season Two will air this fall.

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