The Best Eyeshadows for Your Eye Color

(Image Credit: Mikhail Malyugin)

(Image Credit: Mikhail Malyugin)

Whether you’re a makeup guru or novice, we’ve all known the struggle of trying to find our perfect eyeshadow color. When you’re browsing the displays at Sephora, the millions of different colors and palettes can seem pretty daunting.

So, how exactly do you bring out your eyes with eye shadow? The answer brings us back to elementary school art class because it’s all about the color wheel. To accentuate your eye color, you’ll want to pick shadows in complementary shades. This typically means selecting shadow colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel to your eye color. So, if you’re blessed with big brown eyes like Anne Hathaway, you’ll want to choose something with purple or pink tones to really make them stand out. Keep reading to get the full break-down, color by color.


If you were born with icy-blue eyes, you’ll definitely want to make them stand out. To do so, stick with earth-tones like brown, copper or gold. The warmth in these shadows will really make your blue eyes pop.


Like we said earlier, brown eyes look best with anything in the blue, green, purple or pink family. If you’re not ready to rock a purple smoky eye, choosing lighter, neutral tones with pink or purple undertones (like a mauve) can work just as well.


Since hazel eyes usually feature a few different colors, you’ve got a lot of flexibility with what eyeshadows you choose. If you’ve got more of a brown-green hazel, stick with the purple tones. If you’re more of a blue-green hazel, try the metallics like bronze, copper and gold.


Green eyes are super unique, so since you’ve got it, you have to flaunt it. Green tones work well with bronze and copper tones (just like your blue-eyed friends) but also look gorgeous against anything purple–from a light lilac to a deep amethyst.

That’s it! We told you it wasn’t so scary after all. Now we’re dying to know: what’s your go-to eyeshadow or eyeliner color to make your eyes pop? Share it with us in the comments.

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