7 Things I’ve Learned about Life from Cristina Yang

GREY'S ANATOMY (Image Credit: ABC)

GREY’S ANATOMY (Image Credit: ABC)

Cristina Yang’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy left many of us fans feeling heartbroken and a little bit empty inside. Thankfully, she left with us an overwhelming load of life advice and words of wisdom to help us through. Take a look at everything I’ve learned from Cristina in her ten years on my TV.

1. Stop putting other people ahead of your own well-being. Being selfless is great and all, but sometimes you need to do what’s best for you.


2. Food comes before most things. Pretty much always, food comes before everything.


3. You can be aware of your problems, but it’s up to you to fix them. Moping around about what’s going wrong in your life isn’t going to get you anywhere; you have to actually work to change things.


 4. Sometimes the necessities in life get in the way of each other. Life is all about finding ways to make things work.


 5. Find someone that accepts you for who you are and is with you through the good and the bad. Someone that will challenge you to be better, but never drag you down. Everyone needs a person.


 6. The holidays are hard for everyone, but we can all get by with a little help from our friend.


7. Never let anyone or anything slow you down in life. Go after what you want and don’t stop at anything until you get it. You’re stronger on your own than you are with someone dragging you down.


From serious truths to snarky words of wisdom, Cristina Yang was able to get through to people in a way that most fictional characters cannot. If there’s some life advice that you’ve taken away from her time on Grey’s Anatomy, feel free to share in the comments!

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