Eyeliner Application Tips for a Flawless Look!

(Image Credit: Ashley Harrigan)

(Image Credit: Ashley Harrigan)

It’s amazing what a little bit of eyeliner can do. Who knew a little line of color could do so much for beauty? Eyeliner is definitely a beauty must have but it can be a little tricky sometimes. We give you the best eyeliner tips below so you can get it flawless every time.

 Use tape to achieve the perfect cat eye

If you have trouble achieving the perfect cat eye or winged eyeliner, this beauty hack is for you. All you need to get the perfect wing every time is a piece of tape! Rip off a piece that is ¼ inch long and adhere it with the top lash line following where your bottom lash line ends. You can adjust the tape lower or higher to get exactly the angle you want.

 Invest in a smudging brush

A smudging brush will forever change the way your eyeliner looks if you’ve never used one before. This brush has a dome-shaped sponge on the top that helps smudge and blend eyeliner. Using a smudging brush is the key to getting eyeliner right up to your lash line and helps create those smoky, smoldering eyes we all crave for a night out.

 Layer eye shadow over liner

This trick can help liner stay on longer without budging all day or night. To seal in your eyeliner, pick an eye shadow color that matches the color and finish off your liner. Dip a small brush into the shadow and trace over liner to give it more staying power. This trick can also help create bolder or darker colors if your liner seems a little light.

 Stabilize your hand by using your other arm

A shaky hand can ruin eyeliner faster than crying ruins mascara. If you suffer from shaky hand syndrome, brace yourself by using your other arm as a stabilizer. Bend the unused arm in front of you and rest the elbow of your liner hand into the other elbow. This will give you reinforcement and help steady even the shakiest of hands.

Eyeliner doesn’t have to be a difficult part of your beauty routine. With our tips, you will become a pro in no time. Maybe you’ll be giving out tips soon!


Image courtesy of Ashley Harrigan

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