VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Patricia Wilson and Mike Jutan of ‘Batkid Begins’ at Cinequest

(Image Credit: Joachim Custodio / The Daily Quirk)

(Image Credit: Joachim Custodio / The Daily Quirk)

The Daily Quirk caught up with Make-a-Wish  Director Patrica Wilson and Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Round the World actor Mike Jutan on the opening night red carpet at Cinquest Film Festival and we’re bringing you an exclusive interview. Patricia Wilson was instrumental in making Miles Scott’s Batman dream a reality, and the true story of how San Francisco came together to make it happen inspired Dana Nachman’s documentary being shown at the festival, Batkid Begins.

In the interview Wilson discusses catching up with Miles Scott, rumors of Julia Roberts playing her in a movie adaptation of the story, and joining her is Mike Jutan, who played “The Penguin.” Find out why Jutan says the documentary is “such a Bay Area story” and more below!

Reporting & Production by Ashley Bulayo | Camera by Joachim Custodio (Freelance)| Written Content by Sara Katherine Johnson & Ashley Gebhardt

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