Jamie Joseph Jewelry: A Hidden Gem

(Image Credit: Jamie Joseph Jewelry)

(Image Credit: Jamie Joseph Jewelry)

I hesitated for awhile on writing a feature discussing Jamie Joseph Jewelry—not because I have any kind of issue with their designs, but rather because I feel like I discovered a hidden gem, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to share my secret.

Well, consider this my “pay it forward” act of kindness for the week. I’ll share a bit about Jamie Joseph designs with you, as long as you don’t purchase any of the pieces I own. Sound fair enough?

So, for me, the passionate love affair began with their rings. I stumbled upon their collection while shopping in a New York City boutique called Tango. Each ring I looked at managed to ooze class, spunk, originality, and timelessness. I’ve seen a lot of rings in my day, and I have NEVER seen a ring pull that off. Without further ado, I tried a genuine White Druzy ring on my right index finger. From that moment on, it was a match made in heaven.

If you’re wondering what makes Jamie Joseph Jewelry so unique, it’s the fact that every aspect of their designs are, in fact, unique. Designers Jamie and Jeremy Joseph focus their artistic vision on gem stones, combining shape, light, and organic framework with some of the most stunning stones from around the world. Jeremy is the lead stone cutter, and he combines Jamie’s innovative techniques to create designs that are new and unusual in shape and texture. The pieces feel custom made, and are often one-of-a kind, making them a perfect fit for the recently engaged!

If you’re still not convinced Jamie Joseph designs are everything, just ask Cameron Diaz or Kate Beckinsale—two avid celebrity fans.

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