10 GIFs or Less: Getting to Know ‘Broad City’

BROAD CITY (Image Credit: FX)

BROAD CITY (Image Credit: FX)

For anyone who hasn’t yet discovered the amazingly hilarious and ultra-relatable comedy that is Broad City, you are seriously missing out. Created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the show is a portrayal of the lives of two twenty-somethings living in New York City. They’re pretty much broke, they hate their jobs, and their love lives aren’t exactly fairytales. Sound familiar? If the answer is ‘yes’ (which I’m betting it probably is), you’re sure to love Broad City as much as I do.

Abbi and Ilana have no shame in showing their true colors in front of each other . . .


Or anyone else.


They know the best tactics for picking up guys . . .


And they can tell when a true connection had been formed.


There’s no question that they have their priorities straight . . .


But also find themselves in very, very strange situations.

BC_006 BC_007

Most important, they’re always living it up . . .


And being each other’s biggest supporters.


We love you, Abbi and Ilana.


Tune into Broad City on Comedy Central each Wednesday for more weird adventures with your new favorite duo!

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