Which Type of Mascara Brush is Right for You?

(Image Credit: Igor Mojzes)

(Image Credit: Igor Mojzes)

Mascara has come a long way in the last 10 years. One brush used to do it all, but now you will find a plethora of brush options when you walk down the makeup aisle. But what do they all do? How can you find the right brush to do the job? We’ve broken down the top mascara looks and found mascara perfect for each particular look.

Volume: To get those thick, voluminous lashes you dream about, you will need a thick brush that generously coats your lashes to give them thickness and volume. A brush with a large head and thick bristles will give you those va-va-voom lashes in no time. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has a large brush with big bristles that is sure to give you volume and thickness.


Natural: Want to darken your lashes but still look natural? For those wanting a more natural look, grab mascara with the traditional brush. This is the brush that has been around since the invention of mascara. Maybelline Great Lash (yes, the classic) has a small, tight spool brush that will help evenly coat lashes without making them look overdone.


Length: With the influx of false lashes lately, it seems like everybody is all about the length. To get those false lash look-alikes, grab mascara with evenly spread out plastic bristles. This style of brush will grab onto lashes and give you amazing length without tons of clumps. Try out the new Roller Lash mascara by Benefit to see this type of brush in action.


Lower Lashes: To get those big, baby doll eyes you need to coat your bottom lashes too. Bottom lashes need a brush that is a medium size to be able to coat all lashes while not getting mascara all over. A dryer formula also helps so that the mascara does not run under your eyes or smudge into creases. A perfect choice is the Balm’s Cheater mascara, the brush head is big enough to give bottom lashes the perfect coat without getting product everywhere.


Inner Lashes: It can be hard wrangling those inner lashes. To put the lashes closest to your nose correctly in place, invest in mascara that has a brush with a round head at the end. The bristles on the round head can easily get into those tough corners to coat those annoying inner lashes. Elf 3-in-1 Mascara has a perfectly round end that works best for snagging the inner lashes.


When armed with the right mascara brush, you can take on any lash look you want. Feel free to experiment and see which brushes work best for your look.

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