What We’ve Been Watching: March 2015

SIRENS (Image Credit: USA)

SIRENS (Image Credit: USA)

Here at The Daily Quirk we don’t just write about television- we watch it too… and lots of it! Check back each month to find out which shows have us laughing, crying and glued to our screens!

Sirens – USA

A friend told me I’d like this show and he was totally right. I started watching the first season on Netflix and now I’m watching the second season every week it’s on. I love the characters and the hilarious situations they get put in! – Tara R

Scandal – ABC

After attending the PaleyFest panel for Scandal I was compelled to start this show over from the beginning and now I can’t stop. It’s just so good and smart and full of good twists. Seriously, why isn’t everyone watching this show? – Katelin B

QI – BBC America

What could be better than combining British accents and knowledge that you’ll probably never use again? These QI episodes may be several years old, but BBC America airs them three at a time. Though if you watch them as quickly as I do, that’s still not enough. – Kali O

Helix – SyFy

This show is creepy, gory and completely bonkers. It follows a team from the CDC as they try to control outbreaks in isolated areas, only to discover the people they are trying to help are totally crazy. While the plot is dramatic, Helix doesn’t take itself too seriously as the soundtrack consists mostly of cheeky pop songs that juxtapose the violent images we’re seeing. With all the shocking twists in this series, it’s no surprise that the show’s hashtag is #WhatTheHelix. – Marlo C

The Office – Currently available on Netflix

My invitation to The Office got lost in the mail some years ago, and I’m happy to have finally found it through Netflix! While it took me a couple of episodes to warm up to Michael Scott’s woefully off-color humor, Dwight’s shenanigans kept me laughing – and Jim and Pam. But I’m in too much pain to talk about Jim and Pam. If you watch the show, you’ll know what I mean. – Bridget F

Arrow – CW

I’m late on the Arrow train but I’m only on season one right now (slowly watching during my lunch breaks at work) and I’m addicted. I’m eagerly counting down the episodes until we finally get introduced to Colton Hayes aka my man crush everyday. – Ashley B

The Librarians – TNT

There is just too much to say about TNT’s The Librarians, and not nearly enough space. I mean, the whole first season revolved around the legend of King Arthur. That is the best thing to happen to television since BBC took away Merlin. Well, that and Christian Kane. 🙂 – Holly S

Gilmore Girls – Currently available on Netflix

Ahhh, part of me is actually mad at Netflix for putting the entire series on instant streaming. I’d never watched it before and now I am hooked. Like Lorelai, I’ve started drinking buckets of coffee to make up for the lack of sleep I’m getting due to staying up each night and watching too many episodes, oops! – Sarah F

The Walking Dead – AMC

In its fifth season, The Walking Dead feels a lot like what John Steinbeck’s take on the zombie apocalypse would be – and as a huge Steinbeck fan, I say that as a compliment. The blurring lines between the living and dead have never been so riveting. Would would’ve thought a zombie drama of operatic proportions could be oh so good? – Casey G

Raising Hope – Currently available on Netflix

I really love this show. I started watching Raising Hope when it first came out and loved it. The characters are quirky, relatable and just so much fun. It’s an easy show to binge watch (all four seasons are on Netflix) and the heart warming message at the end of each episode makes it easy to say, “Oh I could totally use this in my life to make it better.” – Chelsie S

Vikings – History

I feel like saying Travis Fimmel should be enough of an explanation, but I’ll elaborate. Vikings is one of those faux historical guilty pleasure shows so filled with action, drama and pretty people that you can’t even be bothered with the inaccuracies. It’s just too much fun to care. – Ashley G


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