Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from…’Raising Hope’!

RAISING HOPE (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

RAISING HOPE (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

If I could be a part of any fictional family for just one day, I think it’d be a member of the Chance family from Raising Hope. This quirky, funny, loving family of five is just too darn precious and frankly they have the best outlook on life. It doesn’t matter that they are still living with their Maw Maw or that their son knocked up a serial killer and was left to tend to Princess Beyoncé (appropriately renamed to Hope) on his own. They have never let life get them down, and after watching the show I realized we could all learn a thing or two from the Chance family.

Don’t Stop Dreaming Big

If you want to be a singer, don’t just stop at karaoke. If you want to be an artist, you need to assume you’ll be as famous as Pablo Picasso. If you want to be a rockstar, you need to shred that guitar like no one’s business. And if you want to strike it rich, perhaps it means playing the lottery every now and then.

What the Chance family learned is that when you stop dreaming, stop hoping for better things, you lose your purpose in life. It’s okay to dream, because it might just help you find out what you really want to do. Like teleport to a place where stupid people don’t exist.

You Can’t Win if you Don’t Play

This is definitely similar to the top one, but when Jimmy was talking to Sabrina about her creative writing skills and Sabrina was close to giving up he told her, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” You’ll never know if you don’t try. And that’s what matters. If you don’t at least try, you’ll never know what you can or can’t do. And then you’ll spend your whole life in What If’s and that’s no way to live.

Dysfunctional is the only kind of Functional

We don’t get to choose the family we’re born in to, and usually that family is pretty dysfunctional. When you have a grandmother who is a little off her rocker, or a mom who sometimes says things wrong but you totally get what she means. Dysfunctional is the only kind of functional we need.

Lying is just part of growing up

At some point in your life your parents told you a lie to keep you from doing something wrong. Don’t make that face or you’ll end up with it stuck like that. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows. It’s just part of the aging process, and if that means some lies are bigger than others, like the internet tubes aren’t installed on your side of town, well I’m sure it’s all for the better.

Doing everything on your own turns you into mongooses.

Or is it mongeese? Turns out mongoose are very independent creatures. They are also very violent. And when the Chance family decided they wanted to try and do things for themselves, it turned them against one another – making them angry all the time. They deduced that helplessness is just part of the family dynamic, and without it we’re all just a bunch of angry, vicious mongooses.

It wouldn’t be called falling in love if it didn’t get hurt.

Sure this one has been said and done before, but it’s true. Sometimes you just have to fall down in love in order to grow in your relationship. When you fall there are scrapes and bruises, but over time they heal and you end up stronger and more equipped to take on love headfirst.

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