Quirky Item of the Week: Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

(Image Credit: Del Sol)

(Image Credit: Del Sol)

I wouldn’t consider myself a girly-girl. I don’t know how to style my hair, I very rarely wear make-up and my inner fashionista is probably a 12-year-old boy. But regardless of my sometimes questionable outfits, there is one girly-girl perk I can’t get enough of, and that’s nail polish.

Of course, if we were to look at the amount of nail polish I own compared to how often I actually paint my nails, it’s about a 10:1 ratio. This means that every time I come home with a new nail polish I get the, “Not again…” look from my husband. That was until I found the most wonderful nail polish ever.

It’s from a company called Del Sol, and the entire basis of their company is color-changing products. This means they have an entire line of UV activated, color changing nail polish, and it’s amazing. Currently they have 32 different shades that have catchy sounding titles (and equally awesome color combinations), like Let Freedom Ring, Green With Envy, Fire & Ice, and my personal favorite, Smoke & Mirrors.

Here is the only downside I’ve found to this nail polish: it only changes with direct sunlight. This means unless you are outside in the sun and you’ve opted out of a clear topcoat will you see the effects. But that wasn’t enough to keep me from buying a bottle, and it shouldn’t stop you either. My personal recommendation is to buy a shade that has a dramatic change in color so it’s easily noticeable. It’ll make you twice as happy and it’ll let you know it’s actually working.

If you’re easily amused like me, watching your nails instantaneously change from sky blue to periwinkle is pretty awesome. So if you’ve been looking for a way to change up your nail style, you should definitely give Del Sol a try.

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