Featured DIY: Delicate Jewelry Storage by A Pair and A Spare

(Image Credit: A Pair and A Spare)

(Image Credit: A Pair and A Spare)

I love the delicate jewelry trend, but it can be difficult to store a plethora of necklaces and bracelets when you live in a small apartment with limited closet and counter space. That’s why this DIY Delicate Jewelry Storage tutorial is so awesome! When it’s completed, this clothesline-style jewelry storage system serves a dual purpose – it keeps your necklaces neat and works as a pretty piece of décor.

You don’t need to be super crafty or spend a lot of money to complete this project, either. Some small clothespins, a string or cord, some tape or nails and five minutes are literally all you need to make this, but the finished product looks pretty and polished.

This is a great DIY project if you like to reorganize and refresh your living space in the spring. You can check out the full tutorial over at A Pair & A Spare.

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