Featured Recipe: Color Block Cocktail Popsicles by ConfettiPop

(Image Credit: Confettipop)

(Image Credit: Confettipop)

Normally any project with the phrase ‘color-block’ in the title scares me. Any how-to that claims I can easily create a color-block or ombré design on my nails or another art project clearly hasn’t met me and my clumsy fingers. However, this color block cocktail popsicle recipe by ConfettiPop is definitely within reach of my limited capabilities.

These tipsy popsicles are supposed to be layered at angles, so you can relax about making each section perfect. The recipe calls for coconut rum, which is my summer liquor of choice, but you can easily substitute another type of alcohol (or no alcohol) if you’re not feeling it.

These DIY popsicles are a great alternative to Jello shots, especially since the recipe doesn’t require you to boil water in an already hot kitchen. It’s easy, affordable and will make weekends in the blistering heat of my new home in Texas a lot more fun. These ice cold treats will definitely make guests at your parties and barbecues a lot happier this summer. Head over to ConfettiPop for the recipe!



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