Five 90s products we want back!

Dream Phone

(Image Credit: Milton Bradley Games)


You can’t deny it. The 90s keep making a comeback one way or another, especially in 2015. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. Have you seen the latest trend? Fashionistas everywhere are bringing back the tattoo chokers. What was once a questionable fashion trend is now getting an automatic OK.

Thus, I grew a bit nostalgic after seeing all these items I grew up with finally making a comeback. I’m a kid of the 90s so to see any item from my childhood brings me such joy. However, there are a few products that have yet to come out of hiding. With the help of a few of my friends, along with a little Google search, here are some items you almost forgot all about. Without further adieu, take a trip down memory lane with me.

Bubble Jug and Bubble Beeper Candy

I’m cheating by putting two in one but they’re both still candy. If you have never heard of these two, you are missing out on life. Bubble jug came in a bright pink jug filled with pink powder which would magically turn into gum as soon as you pop it into your mouth. However, silly me, I took it like regular candy and swallowed the jug whole. Oops. As for the bubble beeper candy, talk about major 90’s! The beeper was one of the biggest things and if you weren’t old enough to hold such technology in your hands, at least you can revert to the candy version?

Bubble Jug

Electronic Dream Phone

This was a huge game to play in my house. Well, at least between me and my sister. This game blew up during the same time people were accusing the opposite sex of having cooties. It’s a game imitating real life, really. You never knew who liked you but you were dying to find out so you had to do process of elimination. Plus, as weird as it sounds, the guys on the board weren’t half bad-looking, so I was okay with whoever said the magical words, “You’re right, I really like you.”

Dream Phone


Every kid who watched Home Alone wanted this bad boy in their hands. I know now that we have advanced technology, you’re probably wondering, “Why would I want to carry this huge, bulky recorder with me everywhere?” Plus, we would have to bring back cassette tapes. I know it seems ancient but this was a kid’s dream to own! Even right at this moment I wish I owned a working one.

Talk boy


Before the internet and trading cards, kids had pogs. It’s sort of like a version of marbles except the items at play were cardboard circles. Whoever gets the most pogs at the end of the game is the winner. As for me, I just liked looking at the artwork on each pog like they were some rare artifact which, I guess, they are now.


Inflatable Furniture

There was just something about inflatable furniture that made it look super futuristic. It was affordable and way easier to move around than regular furniture. Even celebrities got in on the action because we all knew we were officially cool when we landed our hands on a Britney Spears inflatable chair (or NSYNC, whichever you preferred).


I know some of you were expecting to see things like Skip It, Furby, jelly sandals, and more but if you think about it, there are so many remakes of those items nowadays. Just remember, they’ll never replace the originals. Do you think I missed an item that really should have been on this list? Did you shed a tear missing your childhood like I did? Let us know below!

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