Alma Har’el discusses sharing her work in progress ‘LoveTrue’ at Tribeca Film Festival

Alma Har’el (Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival)

Alma Har’el (Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival)

Alma Har’el, director and cinematographer, returned to Tribeca Film Festival this year to show off her current project in the works, LoveTrue. The Daily Quirk was on the red carpet with Har’el and we’re bringing you the inside info.

LoveTrue will be an intertwining documentary revolving around three love stories. Each story is complicated in a unique way. The film will simultaneously survey concepts of both time and the real meaning of true love. Because of the multi-focal nature of LoveTrue, it is labeled “Experimental” by the festival in addition to a “Work in Progress.”

“I’m showing a work in progress which is something I usually would never do,” Har’el shared with Tribeca Film Festival on the carpet, “but I really wanted to do it because I wanted Tribeca to be a part of this film too.” Her last film, Bombay Beach, was also shown at Tribeca Film Festival and won the 2011 Best Documentary Feature. Hare’el said that changed her life.

Despite having never been to film school, she is still a rolling success story. Shia LaBeouf is one of the many people that believe in Har’el’s talent. LaBeouf believed in this project so much that he signed on to finance LoveTrue. The two first connected when LaBeouf came across Bombay Beach and wrote Har’el a fan letter. She later went on to direct him in the Sigur Rós‘ music video, “Fjögur píanó.” Har’el shared  over the past three years LaBeouf has been a force of nature in her life. He joined her on the carpet in a show of support for LoveTrue, but made it clear the spotlight should be be on Har’el.

Although she does not normally show unfinished work, Ha’rel explained the benefits of strangers seeing her work in this format before heading off to present selected clips from LoveTrue to the Tribeca audience. “I think when you’re in the room with people you know what works and what doesn’t right away, even if they don’t talk, you just feel it,” Ha’rel said.

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