‘Bleeding Heart’ proves to be a heart pounding Tribeca Premeire

Zosia Mamet and Jessica Biel in BLEEDING HEART (Image Credit: Aaron Epstein)

Zosia Mamet and Jessica Biel in BLEEDING HEART (Image Credit: Aaron Epstein)

In Diane Bell’s sophomore feature, Bleeding Heart, Jessica Biel stars as May, a reserved yoga instructor whose life is thrown off course when she meets her half-sister, Shiva (Zosia Mamet), for the first time.  Spiritual and sweet May quickly gets swept up in trying to save sex-worker Shiva not only from herself, but also from her abusive pimp boyfriend, leading to dangerous results.

I won’t lie, at first I wanted to smack May and tell her to stop helping this random girl she barely knows simply because they share DNA, but that’s just me. I guess that shows I’m not really as good of a person as May is and given how much trouble her “bleeding heart” brings her maybe that’s a good thing. But, it is compelling to see how both sisters, although the complete opposite of each other- May is at peace with her life while Shiva is living a chaotic one, are drawn to each other and the film did eventually suck me into their high stakes drama.

Once hooked, I was on the edge of my seat with the anticipation of how things would play out as the sisters tried to escape the reality of Shiva’s lifestyle mostly because of Mamet’s standout performance. Shiva is easily the most complex character in the film, and her ambiguous motives add to the film’s danger. Biel’s performance as May is a bit more “expected,” and some of supporting characters verge on the brink of stereotype characterizations, but all in all I still found Bleeding Heart to be an enjoyable, heart pounding watch.
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