Director Reed Morano and the cast of ‘Meadowland’ discuss the film’s hope and humanity

Reed Morano (image Credit: John Johnson)

Reed Morano (image Credit: John Johnson)

Director Reed Morano walked the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet for her haunting new drama, Meadowlandalong with the film’s stars, Olivia Wilde, Giovanni Ribisi and Mark Feuerstein and we’re bringing you the inside info.

Meadowland tells the story of two grieving parents, Sarah (Wilde) and Phil (Luke Wilson), and how they each cope with the loss of their missing son. As the two become further and further disconnected from each other, Sarah throws herself into her work as a school teacher and Phil obsesses over the loss to the detriment of his career.

“Unlike more Hollywood-ish movies that have a formula, this movie isn’t telling you how to feel about what they do,” said Feuerstein in an on carpet interview. Feuerstein, who plays a supporting character to Luke Wilson’s Phil, added that the movie is representative of the independent spirit. “It’s just presenting real characters who react in a very human way to their tragic loss.”

Morano shared a similar sentiment, saying that the film is about hope and humanity. “I think that there are a lot of people in the world that are going through stuff and they have to walk around every day and function in normal life… It’s good for people to know they are not alone.”

Also not alone was the cast who all echoed sentiments of feeling supported by fellow cast mates. “During the making of the film, Ribisi said, “I told my friend that I really felt that I found my tribe.” Wilde called Wilson’s work “revelatory” and said the other actors made her elevate her own work.

Before heading off to the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere screening, Morano added that showing Meadowland at Tribeca, where the film was born, is amazing since it’s a perfect place for the film to be appreciated for what it is. We would have to agree with her on that.

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