Everything I ever need to know, I learned from… ‘The Golden Girls’

THE GOLDEN GIRLS (Image Credit: Touchstone Television)

THE GOLDEN GIRLS (Image Credit: Touchstone Television)

If there’s one show that stands the test of time, it’s The Golden Girls. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia are some of the best characters in television history. Somehow a show about four female senior citizens manages to appeal to people of all ages. Dorothy’s sarcasm, Rose’s innocence, Blanche’s vanity and Sophia’s candor won our hearts for seven wonderful seasons. While the ladies always made us laugh, their stories also taught us some important life lessons.

In affairs of the heart, trust your friends.

There are plenty of us that have ignored this advice and will forget to heed it in the future. Your best friends know you better than anyone and are always looking out for you. When you’re blinded by puppy love, it’s more important than ever to listen to what friends say. Your new beau might seem like a winner, but if your friends aren’t impressed it’s important to consider their opinions. It’s hard to see a rat with stars in your eyes. If your friends think your new lover is up to no good, trust their gut. Yours is too full of butterflies.

A little vanity never hurt anybody.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-admiration. It’s important to love yourself. Blanche was never afraid to revel at her own beauty and always took the time for a pampering. Sometimes her vanity came at the expense of Dorothy and Rose, but she considered it her responsibility to maintain a standard of appearance for her and her friends. Like everyone, Blanche had lapses in self-esteem, but ultimately knew that she made sixty the new sexy. True beauty is all in your attitude.

With age comes wisdom, but you never stop learning.

Even with all of their combined life experience, the ladies were often faced new situations they didn’t know how to handle. In the game of love, the rules go out the window with each new relationship. Petty fights with friends can get out of control before either person realizes it. No one can ever predict just how bizarre a new neighbor might be. The women relied on their wisdom in many situations, but also weren’t afraid to admit that they didn’t have all of the answers. It’s okay to make mistakes because there’s always something you can learn from them. Except for Sophia – she had all the answers.

When I’m feeling down, all I have to do to lighten my spirits is pop in an episode (or ten) of The Golden Girls. I’ll always hold Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia close to my heart and do my best to go through life leading from their examples. The most important thing the show taught me was to appreciate the people in our lives and thank them, frequently, for being a friend.


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