VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘The Adderall Diaries’ Screenwriter/Director Pamela Romanowsky at The Tribeca Film Festival

Pamela Romanowsky (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

Pamela Romanowsky (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

In Pamela Romanowsky’s film adaptation of Stephen Elliott’s true crime memoir, The Adderall Diaries, James Franco stars as Elliott, a previously successful novelist who is struck with writer’s block and addicted to Adderall. In the midst of it all, Elliott becomes fascinated with a high-profile murder case to ignore his own personal struggles. The film follows Elliott’s life as he leaps towards a dark path while struggling to separate fact from fiction.

The Daily Quirk sat down with Romanowsky for an exclusive interview at Tribeca Film Festival to discuss bringing the The Adderall Diaries to screen, what drew her to the material and what she hopes audiences take away from the film. Watch the interview below!

Reporting by Tara Robinson | Camera by Sean Torenli | Editing & Written Content by Ashley Bulayo | Production by Ashley Gebhardt | Pre-Production Research & Writing by Bridget Flynn

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