What We’ve Been Watching: April 2015

ORPHAN BLACK (Image Credit: BBC America)

ORPHAN BLACK (Image Credit: BBC America)

Here at The Daily Quirk we don’t just write about television- we watch it too… and lots of it! Check back each month to find out which shows have us laughing, crying and glued to our screens!

Orphan Black -BBC America

I am woefully behind on one of the best sci-fi dramas on television, Orphan Black, and just getting around to catching up on Season Two. Without spoiling anything, I can tell you it’s about a women who finds out there are a number others that look exactly like her after witnessing one of them commit suicide. Saying anything more would ruin the fun, and you have to start from the beginning with this show because it’s all about the plot and jumping in late would leave your head spinning (heck my head spins sometimes and I watch in order). Plus, Tatiana Maslany plays more complex, yet believable characters in this one show than some actors do in an entire career. It’s a serious must watch. – Ashley G

Elementary – CBS

In a somewhat daring move, I spent a few days over spring break catching up on the first 17 episodes of season three. While season two suffered narratively, this season thankfully hasn’t had the same problems, so I enjoyed the time with the Sherlock and Joan I know and love. – Kali O

12 Monkeys – Syfy

Look, I wanted to hate this show. I actually started watching it so I could be informed in my opinion of hating it because it sounded like just another unnecessary reboot. Boy, was I wrong. This show is amazing – it takes the concept in a totally different direction. Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull are excellent leads and they have amazing chemistry. The only thing I hate about 12 Monkeys is waiting a whole week to see what happens next! – Marlo C

iZombie – CW

This show is so… different. It’s like a hint of Z Nation with a mixture of CSI. I don’t even know how to explain this correctly but it’s interesting for sure. I kind of want to read the comics. – Ashley B

Garfunkel and Oates – Currently available on Netflix

I found this show on my list of recommendations from Netflix. One night I decided to watch an episode and have been binge watching ever since. It’s so good! I had heard one of their iconic songs a few years ago and fell in love with them. Check out the show if you’re into musical comedians like Bo Burnham. – Tara R

Gilmore Girls – Currently available on Netflix

Now that Netflix has (finally) added this epic girls night in show, I can’t get enough. I, like everyone else, watched the reruns when they were on but there’s just something about starting this show from the beginning that makes it twice as wonderful to watch. – Holly S

The Carbonaro Effect – TruTv

I’m a sucker for magic. I’m the perfect subject – adequately trickable with a large helping of easily impressed. In this show, you get to watch illusionist and magician Michael Carbonaro perform illusions on unsuspecting people and see their extremely surprised reactions. It never gets old. I just don’t get how he does some of his tricks, and it really blows my mind. – Chelsie S

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix

This show is just so weird, but in a good way. Plus it’s actually very funny – which is surprisingly hard to find in sitcoms these days. – Mallory W



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