Featured DIY: How to Decorate French Macaroons With Edible Glitter by Bespoke Bride

(Image Credit: Bespoke Bride)

(Image Credit: Bespoke Bride)

What’s better than delicious macarons and glitter you can eat? Absolutely nothing! These classy and delicious cookies would be the perfect pairing for a dinner party with your girlfriends or a great addition to the dessert bar at a bridal shower!

All you need to decorate your own treats is a printer, a paintbrush and some edible glitter! The hardest part of this super-cute DIY project will probably be finding the edible glitter, but any local craft store should have some in stock. Once you’ve got the supplies you can decorate your macarons any way you want depending on the event!

Bring these to your next party and you’ll be a legend! Get all the info and step-by-step instructions at Bespoke Bride!

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