‘Sleeping With Other People’ – a comedy that balances romance and cynicism

SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE (Image Credit: Linda Källérus / IFC Films)

SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE (Image Credit: Linda Källérus / IFC Films)

The Daily Quirk caught up with the stars of Sleeping with Other People at Tribeca Film Festival. The movie tells the story of Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) who are both giant failures when it comes to romantic relationships. As young adults, they lost their virginity to each other. Then in an odd twist of fate, they’re brought back together through a counseling group. Together they set out to be just friends, without the romantic stuff, to help each other.

“It takes place in New York,” said writer and director Leslye Headland. “It’s a very New York movie, which means that it’s equal parts cynical, equal parts romantic.” Headland says the film shows the subtle way that intimacy can crop up.

Brie described the film in a similar manner saying it was more than just a sweet and accessible romantic comedy. After having been on Community for six years playing an innocent character, she said it was nice to switch things up and play a sexual woman. Among the things that her character Lainey struggles with is a sex addiction. “I really loved seeing this complex of a female character in a romantic comedy type of film,” Brie said. “The role felt very personal and specific and dark.”

The magic of the script is that the seriousness does not out weigh the comedy. Supporting actor, Jason Mantzoukas says his character’s friendship with Sudeikis captures what he calls the classic essence of the comedy. In a When Harry Met Sally reference, he says his character is the Bruno Kirby to Sudeikis’ Billy Crystal.

Brie’s favorite part of playing Sudeikis’ eventual love interest was getting to be friends with him. “We got to just be friends most of the movie, which was great because he’s the best,” she said. “He’s so fun to hang out with. It was nice to have a bunch of scenes where we’re just hangin’.”

No matter if filmgoers are looking for a typical comedy or something more contemplative, the cast of Sleeping with Other People has it covered.

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