Why You Should Check Out Snapchat Discover

(Image Credit: Ivan Kruk)

(Image Credit: Ivan Kruk)

When Snapchat rolled out its latest update at the end of January, many users were caught off guard by the drastic changes made to the app. Social media erupted once figuring out the Best Friends feature had been axed. It was no longer possible to stalk our friends and significant others to see who else they were “snapping”!

The real focus of the update was the introduction of the new Snapchat Discover, which gives users the ability to catch up on the news of the day from CNN, read some Cosmopolitan articles as well as look at some breathtaking photos from National Geographic.

Discover features 12 contributors, including Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN and many more. After sending some unattractive snaps to your best friend, just swipe left a couple times and you have the chance to get a daily rundown on what’s happening in the world.

I absolutely love the new feature. It’s a quick and easy way to pass some time or find out what’s going on in the real world without having to scroll through entire websites or news feeds with hundreds of posts. It gives you the chance to learn about happenings in the entertainment world, sports world and international news all in one place.

Discover is not at all a bland and boring page full of articles, but instead one of the most visually appealing and interactive ways to get the news. With videos, GIFs and pictures, it’s certainly more fun than reading article after article in a newspaper.

It’s updated every day, so you’re never forced to read the same stories over and over. You’re more than likely going to have Snapchat open at some point and time today, so next time you do be sure to check it out!

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