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(Image Credit: Dmitry Sunagatov)

(Image Credit: Dmitry Sunagatov)

Watch out Netflix; there’s a new subscription service on the rise! However, unlike our favorite TV and movie-viewing site, the up-and-coming caters to those of us who prefer to spend our free time delving into the world of literature.

Much like its video streaming counterpart, Oyster is a monthly subscription that offers unlimited access to its content. At $9.95 a month, subscribers have access to over 1,000,000 titles. Recommended books are featured on the home page, but there are also plenty of categories to sift through if you’re looking for something specific. Genres range from thriller to self-improvement, and there’s even an entire category dedicated to Harry Potter and all things related.

Once you choose a genre, there are groups broken down by sub-genre where you can view all of your options. After selecting a book, you’re redirected to a page with a synopsis, the option to add the book to your reading list or begin reading it, and a list of related titles. With a table of contents to click through, navigation of the chosen book is quite simple. There’s even a space on the screen that lets you know the estimated time it will take you to complete a chapter.

As of now, Oyster is available for Apple iOS, Android, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, and online reading. According to the creators of the site, Oyster was developed with the idea that it would be used primarily on mobile devices. I personally tried out Oyster on my laptop, but I am a fan of the site nonetheless. It is extremely easy to navigate, offers a huge range of options, and the graphic aspects are clean and visually appealing.

Yes, it’s true: we’re in a time where sitting in front of a TV or computer is way more popular than getting buried in a novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love laying on the couch and mindlessly watching five episodes of a show just as much as the next person, but maybe sites like Oyster are what we need to get people to fall back in love with literature. With the plethora of books that are offered, there’s bound to be something that will peak your interest. Check out and let us know what you think!

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