VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Alison Brie on ‘Sleeping With Other People’ Red Carpet

Alison Brie (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

Alison Brie (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

In Leslye Headland’s unconventional romantic comedy, Sleeping with Other People, Alison Brie stars as Lainey, a woman who isn’t very good at maintaining romantic relationships and is seeking counseling for her sex addiction. It just so happens that a man from her past, Jake (Jason Sudeikis), also decides to seek help for his own romantic incompetence, bringing the two together again in what they decide will be a strictly platonic way. As Lainey and Jake work on improving themselves while sleeping with other people, they begin to realize that just maybe they’re falling for eachother.

The Daily Quirk caught up with Brie on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Sleeping with Other People to discuss the film and what attracted her to the role! Check out the feature below!

Reporting by Lauren Gambino | Camera by Sean Torenli | Editing by Ashley Bulayo | Executive Production & Written Content by Ashley Gebhardt


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