We’re totally in love with ‘Lip Sync Battle’…and you should be too!

LIP SYNC BATTLE (Image Credit: Spike)

LIP SYNC BATTLE (Image Credit: Spike)

Pause your Netflix binge-watching and please direct your attention to one of the best shows to ever exist. I’m talking about Lip Sync Battle. You know how Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will sometimes have a game segment on his show featuring different celebrities going head-to-head lip syncing a song of their choice? Well, now there’s a whole 30-minute television program dedicated to this craft.

Thanks to the genius minds of co-producers John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant, they have brought this must watch series to its new home Spike. It’s pretty straightforward. Same rules apply as they were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Two celebrities face off in two rounds of lip syncing to a song of their choice. The first round is a more simple, laidback routine whereas the second round, all hell breaks loose. You honestly never know what you’re going to see. Rapper LL Cool J moves the show along as the host while model Chrissy Teigen is titled as the “color commentator.” (How can we get that job?)

Here’s a snippet of what you’re missing so far (with some major spoilers):

Dwayne Johnson vs. Jimmy Fallon

The winner: Dwayne Johnson

Common vs. John Legend

The winner: Common

Anne Hathaway vs. Emily Blunt

The winner: Anne Hathaway. By a milestone due to that epic “Wrecking Ball” imitation.

Anna Kendrick vs. John Krasinski

The winner: Anna Kendrick

Terry Crews vs. Mike Tyson

The winner: Terry Crews. He deserved it for bringing back “A Thousand Miles.”

I am super excited to see who else will be coming to the show. While we patiently wait every week for a new battle, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas of who I’d love to see go up against each other. I really want to see Vin Diesel do something since, well, he’s known to post videos of him lip syncing to songs in his house… Who do you guys want to see? Let us know below in the comments!


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