5 Crazy Pinterest Ideas

As a female 20-something, I adore Pinterest. I like healthful recipes, inspirational quotes, fashion, desserts and some of the other clever ideas people share on their online pinboards. But sometimes the crafts, recipes, workouts, etc. on Pinterest are just ridiculous. Here are five examples of crazy Pinterest ideas I will never try voluntarily, either because they’re outlandish or they just make me roll my eyes.


(Image Credit: Pinterest)

1. Plastic wrap my belly

I don’t like celery sticks or ab workouts any more than the next person, but this seems excessive and unlikely to work. Maybe it works, but it seems unbelievably uncomfortable. Besides, who can sit still for four to six hours?

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

2. Create a Harry Potter nursery

I love Harry Potter, I really do. And I want my children to like it. But I’m not going to force it down their throats by surrounding them with it literally from birth. This is creative and beautiful, but maybe make sure your kid likes Harry Potter (and is old enough to watch it) before doing all this.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

3. Build coffee cups out of ice cream cones (and fill them with mousse)

This just seems like a major time suck. My first question is, how many ice cream cones would you break before you figured out how to cut them gently enough or found a sharp enough knife? (I’m pretty sure it would take me an entire box at least.) Also, would that cute little handle actually stick? I love this but I also hate it.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

4. Have a ridiculous wedding

I’m sure planning weddings is fun, and it’s probably even better with a theme. If I remember my art history correctly, the peacock is a symbol of fertility, so I guess it goes with marriage. And everyone is entitled to a personal style. But in my personal opinion, this is an example of themed weddings gone too far. Way too far.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

5. Ruin a book to make a box

Wait! No! Stop! What are you doing? Please!

Crafting is cute and trendy, and I can see why — it’s (sometimes) cheap, it makes you look clever and artistic, it produces unique stuff, and it’s fun (for some people). But this image makes me cringe because it’s destroying an old book. Old books tell us as much about their time as about their content, and books get lost and ruined for a variety of accidental reasons, so I’m not sure we should be destroying them just to make a trendy coffee table craft.

What do you think — am I being too judgmental?

What would you add?

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