Tara Talks: Episode Twenty Eight (The One with A Game of Would You Rather)

TARA TALKS (Image Credit: Tara Robinson)

TARA TALKS (Image Credit: Tara Robinson)

A few videos back I asked you guys to comment in the comments some “would you rathers” for this video I present to you today. Only a few of you commented so I thought to myself, Hey! Why don’t I try a tag video. So without even looking or reading it I started talking in front of my camera until I realized it was a beauty guru would you rather, so yeah… It was really awkward. But hey, lets all make fun of Tara and her ability to know absolutely nothing about make up, which is ironic because my BESTEST friend is a makeup artist. But anyway, I enjoyed this one, I liked getting you guys involved. I honestly don’t know why I’m still writing something here. Do any of you even read this? Hello? Bueller? Matthew Broderick? Are you there? Leave me a comment saying “Pickles” So I know you’re reading this maybe, if you want. Why did I choose pickles? Maybe because I’m really hungry, and pickles sound good right now. That’s weird considering I just woke up at like 11 AM and the first thing I want is pickles… Oh well… Have a beautiful day, evening, night, whatever. Bye weirdos.

Also, if you happen to still be here…. Let me know in the comments your answers to the would you rathers!!

If you have any topics you want to see me talk about let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!!

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