Why a Good Cry Can Be a Good Thing

(Image Credit: nuzza11)

(Image Credit: nuzza11)

I am a big fan of crying; fat tears racing for the bottom of your face kind of crying. Plenty of studies by fancy psychologists will back me up in saying that it is absolutely cathartic. I believe in crying, because I believe in dealing with emotions and processing them.

My favorite types of crying are both the unexpected ones that come while I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy or the ones where I’m sitting on the sofa just fine, and then I’m crying. The first one is the sneak-attack cry. One second you’re crying because (*spoiler-not-so-spoiler*) yet another main character on Grey’s has died. However, once the ball is rolling, then I’m not only mourning the loss of a fictional character, I’m also crying because I’m frustrated with life or my fridge is empty. It’s a gateway kind of crying. I feel like sneak-attack crying gives your subconscious permission. It’s like, “Oh, hey, tears, yes, I forgot that feels good when things are not good.” Then your subconscious is like, “Yes, we will cry over all the things!” This is great! Processing what you are feeling inside is important. Otherwise, it all builds up inside and it manifests in face breakouts coupled with rage.

The second kind of crying I mentioned is also good. I have been known to go driving as a form of stress relief. Then somewhere during the drive, I can feel it building inside. Because I’m a safe person, I pull over (usually in a parking lot to an establishment that has food), and have a good bawl. Sure, maybe you should keep it together if you’re at work or at, say, the zoo. I would argue, though, that setting aside some personal time for tears is something we should all do.

Basically the only kind of crying that does not help is the kind where you only text the emoji face that is crying. It does not help because it is not real. Let the tears flow, people! I suggest occasional crying with friends. I also suggest accessory crying that includes blankets to cuddle, comfort food to replenish the body, or an emotional television show to activate sneak-attack crying.

Please also remember that crying is not gender or age restrictive in it healing powers. Guys, if you need to cry, do it. There is no such thing as a biological function making you “less” of a man if you cry. Social constructs be darned! Also, there is no magical age where your life is supposed to be super together. It is advisable that you do not spend forever in shambles, but taking time to evaluate is important. Sometimes to get to the evaluating stage, you just have to feel it out. Crying is permissible for humans, period.


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