How to Protect Your Hair from Pool Chlorine

(Image Credit: Oleksandr Dibrova)

(Image Credit: Oleksandr Dibrova)

Summertime has finally returned. This means sunny days, pool lounging and the smell of sunscreen are back too! While rejoicing, you may also remember that pool chlorine can be quite damaging to your hair. Chlorine sucks all the oils, including necessary healthy oils, from hair. What it leaves you with is extremely dry hair that is more prone to breakage. Because no one wants that, here are a few tips on how to protect your hair from pool chlorine and keep your hair luscious after a swim.

Retro swimsuits have been back in style for a few years now. One way to protect your hair would be to couple your suit with a cute swim cap to match! A latex or silicone cap will make sure your hair is sealed and the water is kept out! Personally, I think this would be the easiest option available. However, if you have a lot of hair, this might be harder.

Everyone is familiar with rinsing off after swimming, but did you know if you get your hair wet before getting in the pool, your hair will thank you? When hair is already wet, it will not take in the harsh pool chemicals the same way it would if you jump in cold turkey. Also, make sure that you do not add shampoo to your pre-pool rinse. If you wash your hair before getting in, your hair will already be stripped of its healthy oils, called sebum. Clean hair is stripped hair, which means it is open for the chlorine to attack. Instead, save your shower for afterwards to make sure you do not leave the chemicals on your head.

Some people put a little leave-in conditioner on before putting the swim cap on. Even if you do not do this, it is probably a good idea to condition after a swim to put some good stuff back next to your scalp. In general it is important to listen to your hair. If you are skipping out taking care of it during pool season, go ahead and deep condition once a week. Deep conditioning can be done with regular conditioner that you leave on for an extended time. You could also purchase special conditioner for it that will say it is for deep conditioning. I recommend checking out a local beauty supply store. Look for natural ingredients. Try to avoid alcohol-based ingredients, because it will dry your hair. Water as the first ingredient is a good sign!

Basically, just give your hair some tender love and care this summer! Everyone’s hair is a little different. Mine is extremely dry, so I take all precautions. If I do not, my hair is bone dry when I get out of the pool. It’s parched! My sister’s hair can take a dip in the pool and keep on ticking. She deep conditions regularly during pool season and is set with no other precautions. I, on the other hand, just purchased a swim cap that is purple. Find what works for you!

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