50 Fun Things to Do This Summer!

(Image Credit: Monkey Business)

(Image Credit: Monkey Business)

With summer in full swing, it’s not too late to start planning all the ways we’ll spend those precious and fleeting moments of warm sunshine and good vibes. We all have our favorite summertime activities, but sometimes we blank when it comes to thinking up what fun thing to do next. Well, here’s a list of 50 awesome activities covering tons of interests and cost-levels the next time you’re stumped about what to do!

  1. Throw a theme BBQ. Examples: Harry Potter, Friends, Hawaiian Luau
  2. Grab some inner tubes and a few friends and float down a river.
  3. Reread your childhood favorites.
  4. Take an interest class; cooking, painting, yoga, salsa dancing.
  5. Create a local restaurant bucket list. Make a list of some of the restaurants near you that you’ve yet to try.
  6. Go to a festival; be it food, music, etc. Most state’s tourism websites will provide a handy list for you.
  7. Visit another nearby state and make a day trip or weekend of it.
  8. Tackle a zip-line course.
  9. Step up your grilling skills with some of these unique and great recipes from com.
  10. Look up the closest drive-in theater and catch a double header.
  11. Hit up an amusement park for some classic stomach-dropping rides.
  12. Get a group together for a meteor shower party. Here’s a guide to this summer’s celestial shows!
  13. Challenge yourself to a camping trip – phone free. Well, keep it nearby for emergency situations of course.
  14. Hit up a local food factory or brewery for a tour- helloooo Ben and Jerry’s!
  15. Rent mopeds and go cruise around your local downtown area or coastline.
  16. Have a sleepover with some friends like you would back in high school.
  17. Grab a pizza or a traditional picnic basket and go enjoy an outdoor play.
  18. Go pick your own berries
  19. Throw your very own Beerlympics with some friends- com has a great example of a guideline.
  20. Sign up for a fun 5K with an energetic group, such as The Color Run or The Warrior Dash.
  21. Find cheap tickets to a number of concerts using sites like stubhub.com. Nosebleed seats aren’t always a bad thing!
  22. Hit up a baseball game, even if it’s not a major league team. Small town stadiums can be just as fun.
  23. Go tailgating – maybe you don’t even have tickets to the event, that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun just joining in on the pre-party.
  24. Get tickets for a harbor cruise; if it’s at night and has a theme, even better.
  25. Go to or have your own clambake. Bonus points for a bonfire on the beach after.
  26. Find a volunteer project based on your interests.
  27. Have a day where you go all out on treatin’ yo self.
  28. Form a trivia team.
  29. Go on a hike either to watch the sun rise or set.
  30. Revisit an activity you did as a kid, like going tide-pooling.
  31. Have an old-fashioned balloon fight.
  32. Plan an epic game night complete with prizes for the winners.
  33. Sign up for a pub crawl or some other type of crawl – such as the Cupcake Crawl they have in Boston.
  34. Make your own outdoor movie theater using the side of your house, a white sheet and a projector (FYI, Pizza Hut now has a pizza box that can be turned into a DIY projector for your phone).
  35. Put together an outdoor round robin with some friends – appetizers, main course, dessert and after dinner drinks are all at someone else’s place.
  36. Rent a kayak or canoe and explore a local lake.
  37. Go birdwatching- it sounds boring but is seriously entertaining.
  38. Scope out local swimming holes and make it a goal to visit as many as you can.
  39. Form some type of team, be it softball, volleyball, etc. Athleticism not required, just go out there and have fun.
  40. Pick a rainy day to tackle some of the Pinterest DIYs you’ve been saying you’ve wanted to do forever.
  41. Grab a pair of roller skates for some classic fun and exercise.
  42. Scratch that itch and go skinny dipping.
  43. Let that inner kid out and hit up a mini-golfing/go-karting course.
  44. Throw an end-of-summer extravaganza- have every guest bring a dish or dessert, and follow it up with cocktails with these fun ideas.
  45. Set up a DIY slip’n slide with a long tarp, a garden hose and some dish soap for extra slipperiness.
  46. Embrace Christmas in July and throw a “Christmas Party” complete with Christmas karaoke, a Yankee Swap, frozen hot chocolate and eggnog cocktails. Just maybe skip the ugly sweaters.
  47. For those of us of a more laid back nature, invest in a hammock and make the most of the warm weather by catching some outdoor snoozes.
  48. Go on a spontaneous road trip, be it a few hour jaunt or a couple-day stint. See what you can find along the way.
  49. Fireflies are most abundant during the summer, so go for a night walk. If you luck out it will be a truly magical experience.
  50. No one likes to see the summer end, but throwing an epic bonfire in honor of its close will make the blow a little softer.

Got something that wasn’t on the list? Add it in the comments! Cheers to an epic summer, everyone!


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