The Hippest Hollywood Cat Ladies

(Image Credit: Keshaofficial / Instagram)

(Image Credit: Keshaofficial / Instagram)

We all know (or are) those ladies who spend their days talking about their best friend and all the things they’ve done together. In the case of these women, their best friend just happens to be their cat. To prove that the most famous faces in Hollywood are more like us than we may think, I’ve compiled a list of Hollywood’s coolest cat ladies!


Kesha’s Instagram will confirm just how much of a cat lady the pop star really is. From cat socks to cat coffee mugs, it’s clear to see that Kesha really loves her cats. Her friendly feline pet “Mr. Peep$” even got his own (verified!) Twitter account! Understandably, Kesha takes her cats more seriously than most things in life.

(Image Credit: Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

(Image Credit: Nina Dobrev / Instagram)

Nina Dobrev

One quick look at her Instagram will tell you all you need to know; this girl loves her cat. Not only does Gypsy get to go on all kinds of road trips, but she recently visited the Grand Canyon, harness and all. Dobrev’s cat goes all over the world and following her Instagram account will give you all the reason you need to be envious of a cat.

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is a cat lady’s dream! She’s constantly uploading pictures and videos of her multiple cats to her Instagram, and recently she visited Black Jaguar White Tiger and has shared some incredible pictures and videos with the big cats that we could only dream of getting to hold one day!

Katy Perry

To say that Katy Perry is obsessed with cats would be an understatement. Her signature fragrances are titled Purr and Meow which might give the hint that she’s a little bit more in love with cats than the average human. Appropriately named Katy Purry, her pet cat even made an appearance in her Roar video!

(Image Credit: Taylor Swift / Instagram)

(Image Credit: Taylor Swift / Instagram)

Taylor Swift

Last but not least, the classiest and most elegant cat lady of all, Taylor Swift. Fans around the world know all there is to know about Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, Swift’s brilliantly named cats. Endless pictures and videos take up her Instagram feed of her cats cuddling, fighting and acting like wild meerkats. Her little furry friends go on trips, visit friend’s houses and get to go out and about in New York City in her arms. Can’t we all just be one of Taylor Swift’s cats?

Taking a look at this list it’s safe to say that being a crazy cat lady is the new normal, so embrace it ladies! Post all of the pictures and videos you want featuring you and your furry companion and feel no shame!

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