Featured Recipe: Berry Mint Gin Smash by We Are Not Martha

(Image Credit: We Are Not Martha)

(Image Credit: We Are Not Martha)

Summer is here and what better time to try out a new cocktail? Well, We Are Not Martha has just the drink that I can’t wait to try, the Berry Mint Gin Smash. I have to admit, I’m not a big gin drinker – like, at all. I pretty much only stick to wine, the occasional mimosa and margaritas. Every now and then I’ll give a new cocktail a try, but I pretty much stick to the basics.

However, when I came across this recipe back in April, I knew it was the perfect drink to try out this summer. Berries!? Count me in. I love berries, I mean, who doesn’t? And when gin is masked by other flavors like berries and simple syrup, I’m totally on board. This drink will be perfect for a summer BBQ with friends or even an afternoon brunch.

Check out the full recipe over at We Are Not Martha, as well as all of their other amazing recipes and Happy Summer everyone!


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