Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from…’Grace and Frankie’

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

If you haven’t yet binge-watched one of Netflix’s latest masterpieces, you should stop reading this right now and get to it. Grace and Frankie may look uninteresting or “too old” but I promise you’ll love it! It’s one of the first shows in a long time that’s made me laugh, cry and everything in between. I never thought I would want to be living my life as two 60-something women, but I would jump at the chance to be Grace and Frankie for a day!

You’ll find understanding in the most unexpected of places.

Store_clerk_1store_clerk_2 store_clerk_3 store_clerk_4 store_clerk_5 store_clerk_6 store_clerk_7 store_clerk_8You are stronger than your anxiety.

You are never alone!

not_alone_1 not_alone_2

Adding on the pounds doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

pound_1 pound_2

Diets don’t apply to alcohol.


NEVER drink and drive!

Your advice is always useful!

These two women show us just how strong we can be in the worst of times. So grab your bottle of wine, your best friend and your Netflix account and let us know what you learned from Grace and Frankie!

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