Why we can’t wait for Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’

(Image Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

(Image Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

If you grew up in the 1990s or watch a lot of ABC Family, you probably know and love the classic sitcom Full House – the show about widower Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget) trying to raise daughters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle (Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen twins respectively) with the help of his best friend Joey (Dave Coulier) and brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos).

I know I was always glued to the TV on Friday nights to see what wacky hijinks the Tanner family would get up to, which is probably why I was SO EXCITED when Netflix announced they had ordered 13 episodes of Fuller House. This new spin-off is basically a gender-swapped version of the original – D.J. Tanner-Fuller’s husband dies while she’s pregnant with their third son, so her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) and sister Stephanie move in to help her out. Although recent reports indicate that some changes in the premise might be on the way.

The show is going to have cameos from tons of the original cast, including Saget, Stamos and Coulier. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren’t planning on being involved at the moment, but we can all cross our fingers that they will make an appearance at some point!

I absolutely adored the original series, and I could not be more excited to see what the spin-off will have in store. Full House was full of humor and heart, and just about every episode had an emotional moment where Danny Tanner would teach his daughters an important lesson about life. They managed to cover some pretty deep topics without making things too sappy or unbearably cheesy, and I’m sure Fuller House will do the same.

In the new series, D.J.’s best friend Kimmy is a single mom to a teenage daughter, so it will be interesting to see how that dynamic will mesh with D.J. trying to parent three young boys.

I think one of the most satisfying things will be seeing all of our old, beloved characters reunite. I’m hoping the show will be similar to the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World and have a lot of nods to the original show. I won’t be at all disappointed if the showrunners have Uncle Jesse in a band, or if Wake Up San Francisco is the go-to morning TV program everyone watches.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix in 2016. Until then, we will just have to wait and speculate on how potentially amazing this new show can be.

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